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When Goats Join Cults Is On Kickstarter! New Trailer

2016-10-03 12:36:40 by HershallCook

Hello everyone!

As the title of this post suggests, I've chosen to take When Goats Join Cults to Kickstarter. (You can check out the Kickstarter here.) I did this in part because the idea connected with so many people – tons of reviews call the game as hilarious – as well as my desire to make a larger game. And believe me, the full version of When Goats Join Cults will be much, much, bigger. 

Our initial thousand dollar goal will be used to pay my artist and musician, both talented people I am excited to work with, as well as cover some of my living expenses.

Here are some reasons to support the Kickstarter:

1. You want more of the ridiculous, stupid humor from the original game. 

2. You want to support a Newgrounds developer.

3. You dream of goats.

In all seriousness, check out the Kickstarter! Every dollar helps, and for just five dollars you'll get the full game when it releases. The full version offers thousands of lines of dialogue, a sprawling mansion, more than ten endings, and more!

Here's the trailer:


Obligatory last link to the Kickstarter.

Thanks for reading/watching!





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2016-10-03 12:46:53

In Goodgame empire,Cults LIVE IN THE FIRE PEAKS


2016-10-03 19:24:03

This made me laugh!
Feel free to contact me should you need any voice work (The odd catch phrase or even expressive SFX). My visual demo reel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptOFKJrM8Dc
Best of luck with the rest of your campaign!

HershallCook responds:

Thank you very much! Unless we hit a stretch goal, voice acting is off the table for this project, but I'll keep you in mind for future games.